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Free Horary Astrology Readings          


Free Astrology reading
Free Horary Astrology Chart reading

Free Astrology Reading


The Horary Astrology is a method in Astrology which uses a chart for the time and place of a birth of a question; No personal birth data is required. In Horary Astrology, the astrologer becomes a medium between the question and the answer.

Horary Astrology reading is an accurate chart of the position, state and interactions of the planets at the birth of a question and a most powerful tool for prediction. There is no need for detailed date or place of birth information, and it is also a good possibility for all those who do not know their time of birth. All you need is just to send a question on the form order.

The advantages of the Horary Astrological Chart : 

1)   The Horary Astrology Chart  does not require birth data;

2)   Maximum precision predictions. 
If you are interested in a Free Horary Astrology chart reading   you are invited to send me your question by filling out the Astrology Reading request form  on  the Astrology services page.  Your name, email, and other identifying information will be kept private. Answers to your questions will be published on the Free Horary Astrology Readings page.
Due to lots of readers requests for Free Astrology reading I cannot promise to answer  all of your  requests  for Free Astrology readings or questions, and it will be done randomly, usually according to the date of acceptance on the site.
If you wish to receive an immediate and private Astrology answer, you can order a Paid horary Astrology Readings (USD 30) or a Paid Astrology consultation via Tel/Skype (USD 50) which are listed on the Private Astrology Readings page.
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